Fresh From The Hive: Beetronics Debut With Two Relic’d Pedals

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Fresh From The Hive: Beetronics Debut With Two Relic’d Pedals


Both are handmade octave fuzz pedals, the difference being that the Whoctahell gives lower tones to two octaves below and the Octahive goes an octave above. However, they sound equally as good as each other, and it would probably come down to personal preference when choosing between the two.


The Whoctahell pedal offers control over fuzz volume and octave volume on the front, and you can use either independently of each other or at the same time. A switch on the side lets the user toggle between one and two octaves below, and the indicator light will change colour for each one. With a bit of fiddling, as shown in the video below, you can get some pretty gnarly tones going, and it’s incredibly versatile for such a simple looking pedal.


The Octahive pedal on the other hand, which you can check out here, has a pre control for input volume, a ‘Honey’ knob for gain and a master volume, with a switch on the side for enabling the octave. The pedal really screams with everything turned up, and definitely offers some interesting sounds. However, I think the Whoctahell would be my personal preference for those downright dirty low tones.


As the pedals are handmade in California in small batches, they are almost completely sold out on the company’s website. And if you are thinking “I bet we miss out in Australia”, well guess what? Deluxe Guitars have just received a small batch in stock! 



Beetronix products are available in Australia from Deluxe Guitars.