Way Huge debut the Green Rhino MkV overdrive pedal

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Way Huge debut the Green Rhino MkV overdrive pedal

Despite the name, the Green Rhino MkV is actually the smallest version of the pedal to date, with the compact enclosure and top-mounted inputs and outputs making it friendly with a range of pedalboards. 


Way Huge have also added two new smaller knobs on the pedal to control the Frequency and Curve of the overdrive effect, which can be used in conjunction with the Volume, Tone and Drive controls to tap into a huge array of sounds. 


The new Frequency control lets users boost or cut signal at either 100Hz or 500Hz, with an internal switch being used to flick between each choice. Curve, on the other hand, lets players roll off the high-end of the effect to tame any gnarly sharp frequencies, which should prove to be perfect for acheiving a warm, crunchy rhythm tone.


Additionally, Way Huge have reissued a new range of pedals with the same sized enclosure as the new Green Rhino MkV, with the Pork Loin Overdrive, Swollen Pickle Fuzz, Conspiracy Theory Overdrive and Supa-Lead Overdrive all copping the shrink ray treatment. 



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