Walrus Audio unveil Monument Harmonic Tap Tremolo v2

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Walrus Audio unveil Monument Harmonic Tap Tremolo v2

While the Monument Tap Tremolo v2 notably features a downsized, vertically orientated chassis, Walrus Audio have also moved the input jacks to the top of the pedal, as well as upgrading the expression pedal functionality for further control over the effect. Users can now utilise the expression pedal jack to set external tempo or provide expressive control over rate, depth, shape or tap multiplier. 




Walrus Audio have also improved the tremolo response across all rates of the pedal to create a more refined sonic response from the pedal. Other than that, the pedal retains many of the desirable features of the original pedal, allowing users to create a range of choppy and wobbling tones with the choice between selectable and harmonic tremolo, five wave shapes and four tap divisions.


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