Native Instruments share details of Massive X soft synth

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Native Instruments share details of Massive X soft synth

Arguably one of the most used soft synths of the modern era, Massive became a cornerstone instrument to electronic producers in the early 2010’s due to its extremely powerful and intuitive virtual interface, with the likes of Diplo, Skrillex, Avicii, DeadMau5 and other EDM artists utilising it prominently throughout their works.  




In a recent blog post, Native Instruments have shared further details of the follow up to the synth, which is expected to be released some time in June as part of their Komplete 12 package. According to Native Instruments, Massive X will feature two wavetable oscillators and will be launched with 125 wavetables, which are able to be operated in ten different modes for enhanced tweakability. There’s also two phase modulation oscillators to modulate the main oscillators, as well as a noise section to dial in that blissful synthy pink and white noise hiss. 


Elsewhere, the filter section contains eight new filters, which include standard low, band and high pass filters as well as comb and dual filters. Like Massive’s old filters, these are expected to be incredibly flexible and intuitive, offering users a range of tweakable sounds without having to deep dive into other parameters. Massive X is also set to feature Insert Oscillators, which can be added into the effects section of the soft synth. This means you can add up to three more oscillators to the two main wavetable oscillators, essentially comprising the basis of subtractive synthesis. 



In addition, Native Instruments are also offering an expansive nine modulation options via envelopes and LFOs, as well as a virtual click and drag modular interface to create just about any frequency and phase modulation you could ever think of. 


With all these features on the table, it’s safe to say that the hype for Massive X is pretty high. We can’t wait to see what sounds producers will be able to wrangle out of their MIDI keyboards with this insanely powerful synth engine. 


Native Instruments are distributed in Australia via CMI.