Walrus Audio unveil Fathom reverb pedal

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Walrus Audio unveil Fathom reverb pedal

With arguably the best art in the pedal game right now, boutique pedal builders Walrus Audio have definitely earned a name for themselves over the past few years with a multitude of excellent releases. Their latest offering to be introduced is the Fathom reverb – a multi-functional reverb pedal featuring four different algorithms – hall, plate, lo-fi and sonar.


Each mode is governed by a decay, dampen and mix knob, along with a program-specific x knob which modifies distinct parameters. Hall and plate modes can have their pre-delay modified, while Lo-fi and Sonar (a nod to Walrus Audio’s original reverb pedal, the Descent), can have their filter width and low/high octaves manipulated, respectively. 


The Fathom is housed in a gorgeous Arizona Teal finish, with cream and white ink. With a smaller footprint, three different trail modes, and even a sustain toggle switch, it’s not hard to imagine the Fathom finding a home on many players’ pedalboards. 


(Photo: Walrus Audio)


For more information on Walrus Audio products visit Gladesville Guitar Factory.