Walrus Audio deliver the goods with the Kangra Filter Fuzz

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Walrus Audio deliver the goods with the Kangra Filter Fuzz

The Kangra Filter Fuzz was developed with Jared Scharff, a noted fuzz junkie, who explained his vision for the pedal on the Walrus Audio website – “On the filter, I wanted to go for that vintage mpc 3000 low pass type of thing…Or similar to doing a low pass plug-in for a track, or like a dj would do without it being too “wah pedal” like, and this achieved that.”



Everyone needs a fuzz pedal that can manage both old school and modern tones, and Walrus Audio know this just as much as anyone. The Kangra features two fuzz modes, aptly titled Modern and Vintage. Modern offers an incredibly tight and sustained fuzz tone, while Vintage is perfect to get that gnarly, low-battery sounding tone with a gritty breakup and less sustain. 


The filter section, on the other hand, provides users with Resonance, Sensitivity, Frequency and Envelope Filter controls, which can be used to cook up a wild array of tones. You can also plug in an expression pedal to override the knob and operate the Kangra’s filter manually, just as you would a wah pedal. Listen to how that sounds in Walrus Audio’s performance demo with Jared Scharff below. 



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