TC Electronic unleash the Flashback 2 X4 Delay pedal

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TC Electronic unleash the Flashback 2 X4 Delay pedal

The Flashback 2 X4 adds a slew of updates to the tested-and-true design of the original unit, including the addition of the MASH footswitches as well as a new delay mode called ‘Crystal’. The inclusion of the MASH footswitches allows users to control the parameters of the effect with the pressure of your foot as you play, letting you add in juicy dollops of modulation or feedback at your choosing. 



With the introduction of the new ‘Crystal’ setting, the Flashback 2 now boasts a whopping ten delay modes as well as eleven tempo subdivisions, as well as six TonePrint slots to beam in user presets via TC Electronic’s user-sourced mobile app. There’s also a brand new dual delay algorithm which utilises two engines to output two different delays, which TC Electronic claim is perfect to nail all those ‘Gilmore-esque soundscapes’. 



You’ve also got the ability to flick between six presets via a bank switch, and of course, there’s the extremely intuitive looping functionality, offering up to 40 seconds of loop time to create cavernous, spacey walls of sound. The TC Electronic Flashback 2 X4 also includes MIDI functionality, stereo ins and outs, USB connectivity and buffer / kill dry switches on the rear panel. Sheesh – could this be the end of the Line 6 DL4’s reign on the delay lab market? 


Find out more about purchasing TC Electronic products in Australia via Amber Technology