Waldorf reveal the whopping Iridium desktop synthesiser

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Waldorf reveal the whopping Iridium desktop synthesiser

Like the Quantum, the Waldorf Iridium features a hybrid engine packing three oscillators, each of which give you access to wavetable, virtual analogue, granular sampling, resonator and kernel modes, the latter of which was introduced in Waldorf’s new Quantum OS 2.0. This mode lets you split one oscillator into six sub-oscillators, making for a mighty machine capable of massive tones. 


There’s also three digital filters for each voice of the synth, as well as a comprehensive modulation matrix courtesy of six envelopes and six LFOs. You can control the unit through a touchscreen interface and a smattering of encoders and buttons, while a 4×4 silicon pad matrix lets you input notes, chords and sequences without an external keyboard. As expected, the unit also comes with the best MIDI and CV/gate connectivity in class, and is even rack compatible to slot into your Eurorack setup. 


We’re expecting to find out a bit more about the Iridium soon, so make so you keep your eyes peeled for more information as it arrives. In the meantime, meet the Iridium below, and reacquaint yourselves with their last product, the lush STVC String Synth and Vocoder



Waldorf is distributed in Australia through Link Audio.