Victory reveals details of all-valve V4 pedal preamps

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Victory reveals details of all-valve V4 pedal preamps

Each of the two channel pedals works on an ingenius “Amp Through Mode” – the playing signal hits the amplifier as usual until the pedal is engaged. The amp’s preamp is then bypassed and substituted with the pedal’s all-valve front-end. 



All three pedals feature four valves running at full-plate voltage, allowing the mechanism to bypass preamp sections straight into the power section via the effects return or power amp in. 


“You’re not restricted to using it only with single channel amplifiers,”  Victory chief designer Martin Kidd said in the demo video. “If you have an amplifier that has two channels or even three, but you find it missing a certain sound, this might be the way to expand it further.”


The three pedals directly correspond to the Victory amplifiers that give them their name: Countess with its distinct clean and dirty channels, The Sheriff with its classic rock tones, and The Kraken and its brawny, heavy rock distortion. The floor preamps are powered by 12 volt power supplies, included in the purchased package. 


Victory Amplifers are available at Gladesville Guitar Factory (NSW), Deluxe Guitars (VIC), & The Rock Inn.