Meris debuts Enzo multi-voice synthesiser pedal

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Meris debuts Enzo multi-voice synthesiser pedal

The Los Angeles designed and made pedal is built off multi-voice dual oscillator synth architecture, with selectable waveforms and a musically-minded custom six-mode filter. Its fundamental strength lies in the aforementioned ability to track guitar through monosynth leads, chord polyphony, or multi-note sequenced arpeggiation at an exceedingly high fidelity and all without the need for a special pickup.


Compounding the basics, however, is a heady list of features and adaptable options: two tap delay and special two stage level control, two turnable envelope types of triggered and envelope follower, turnable portamento time for smooth transitions between synth notes and pitch shifts, wide ranging ring modulation with the ability to assign envelope control, and many more.


Don’t like static button pressing? The Enzo features an expression pedal jack in order to select two presets to morph between as if you were using a wah pedal. The dizzying number of features is difficult to digest written down, so Meris has helpfully skimmed through the main features below.



The modus operandi of the Enzo is dynamic musicality; all it needs to function is a line level signal, be it from a guitar, drum machine, vocals or even an existing synth. The Enzo comes in a sleek translucent gold colour over brushed aluminum, with all of its electronics packed into a cosy 4.25″ wide, 4.5″ long, 2″ tall chassis. The pocket rocket is powered by a typical 9 volt power supply. 


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