Vic Firth Add New Signature Sticks

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Vic Firth Add New Signature Sticks


First up, the new Jen Ledger signature stick is crafted 
in hickory and features a shaft diameter that will feel especially familiar to 3A and 5B players. The 16 1⁄2” length gives the stick an “extreme” feel and a unique medium – length taper flanges back out into a bold teardrop 
tip. This design affords the player excellent response 
while providing plenty of leverage for power. The unique wood tip creates clear sounds on drums and cymbals.


The Keith Moon signature stick is unique in its design with the combination of a medium shaft, fast, sloping medium taper and a length just short of 16”. Crafted in hickory with an oval wood tip, this stick packs plenty of punch when needed and can work in a variety of musical settings.


The Chris Coleman signature stick is purposefully designed to create a full tone on drums and cymbals. With a short taper and an oval wood tip, this hickory stick is bold in its design and allows the player to deliver in many musical situations.


Rounding out the new additions, the Ray Luzier signature model is a hickory stick designed with an oval wood tip, thick neck and short taper. Combining
a 5B shaft with the tip and taper of a rock, this stick can survive heavy backbeats while still creating great sound and feel. 



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