The Next Generation Of Acoustic Amplifiers By Schertler

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The Next Generation Of Acoustic Amplifiers By Schertler


The next generation of Schertler amps is fitted with a 1” dome tweeter and 10” woofer that allows a rich, full sound that encapsulates an instruments full performance. The UNICO is equipped with ‘Bootstrap’ technology that enables the amp to adapt easily to any impedance once plugged in.


Balancing between it’s heavily used channels, the UNICO has an in-built phase reverse switch, which when enabled allows minimised feedback between channels.


New to Shertler’s design is the adjustable DI Out component, which allows connection to external systems. This is very useful for the travelling musician who frequently performs live and enjoys the convenience of ‘plug in and play’.


Configured with in-built digital reverb and stable frequency filters, the UNICO allows for optimised sound for acoustic players and due to its size and convenient functionality, it seems the suitable amp for musicians looking to find the middle ground between quality and durability.


Shertler is distributed in Australia by Lamberti Bros. For more information visit the Shertler website here.