Man Creates Drum Kit Using Nike Flyknit

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Man Creates Drum Kit Using Nike Flyknit

flyknit kit.jpg

Working on a project for the Nike Nature of Motion Exhibition in Milan, designer Martino Gamper designed a drum kit using the innovative material.

Gamper re-designed the drum kit by using the Flyknit material as a replacement for the traditional skins found on a drum. His final project resulted in three different type of drums: a classic rock drum kit, a cocktail drum kit and a set of marching band drums.


The challenge was creating a textile strong enough to be stretched taught over the drums, Gamper says. When questioned about the idea behind the project, Gamper explains that, “for this project I wanted to explore the idea of rhythm. The rhythm in running, the rhythm in drumming, the rhythm in music.”


The real question is: how do they sound? Well the video below shows us that the drums are functional, however it doesn’t reveal the true sound that the kit produces. Nonetheless, the idea is pretty sweet! Check out the clip below for a more detailed interview with Martino Gamper. 




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