The Most Insane 3D Printed Guitar

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The Most Insane 3D Printed Guitar

3d guitar.jpg

As a silhouette, the Steampunk 3D printed guitar would look like any other Telecaster style guitar, but it is so different. The standard Tele body shape holds an amazing feat of engineering on the inside with real moving cogs and pistons.


The paint job itself is impressive enough, and even before I knew it moved, I thought this was a super cool guitar – but the moving parts make this guitar unique. It isn’t cheap though, coming in at a cool AUD$5400. At least they throw in a free hard case for safe shipping… 


The guitar was designed by Odd Guitars, and painted by New Zealand airbrush artist Ron van Dam. You can check it out in action below, it’ll make you want to start saving up your pay checks.



For more information, and to check out more pictures, visit: