Genelec introduce the 8361A and 8351B studio monitors

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Genelec introduce the 8361A and 8351B studio monitors

The series expansion sees the introduction of the 8351B and 8361A three-way monitors as well as the W371A Adaptive Woofer System, offering producers with a full package of high-end audio gear to flesh out their studios with.



As an enchanced variant of their point source concept, the Class D Genelec 8361A presents higher peak levels and two brand new Acoustically Concealed Woofers for low distortion operation. It also offers brand new midrange and tweeter drivers, which can reach up to 43kHz with much higher headroom. The monitor also has a short-term SPL of 118dB, and are best suited for small to medium sized rooms. 


The 8351B shares similar specs to the model mentioned above, with increased loudness, room EQs, equalised delay and an enhanced high frequency response. The monitors can reach up to 119dB max SPL, however, they’re only half the size and weight of the 8351As, which presents a perfect option for those operating without a lot of desk space. 



If you’re all about that bass, you’ll dig the new Genelec W371A, a subwoofer with front and rear facing woofers as well as Genelec’s GLM software for optimised room calibration, monitor system management and configuration. It’s a whopping 1100mm tall, and boasts four woofers per channel to present a boomy, accurate bass response. 


Genelec products are distributed in Australia through Studio Connections