The Guitar Straps That Can Help Overcome Shoulder Pain

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The Guitar Straps That Can Help Overcome Shoulder Pain

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I mean, I personally haven’t because I play a Telecaster, but having shoulder pain from a guitar is certainly something that no one should have to endure, and the good folks over at Slinger Straps are trying to make sure that they don’t.


Their hip strap takes all the weight from the guitar from the shoulder and puts it on the hips and the legs to alleviate any pain in the region. Being much stronger muscles, I imagine that the theory is that the hips and legs are much better equipped for holding those pesky heavy-as-shit guitars.


If the hip strap doesn’t do it for you, there is a range of other alternatives to the traditional shoulder strap from the company, all equally as style-killing as each other. The options include a harness, a sling strap, a similar hip strap for acoustic guitar and a standard strap with a jumbo sized neoprene shoulder pad.


Now, I’m not saying that these straps are ugly or anything, but I’d suggest that all the cool points you accrued by playing the guitar would be swiftly lost upon walking on stage with one of these on. However, if shoulder pain is holding you back from playing guitar, these straps might well be your solution.



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