PRS Introduces The Grainger 5 Fretless Bass

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PRS Introduces The Grainger 5 Fretless Bass


The ‘PRS Guitar of the Month’ for July is the Grainger 5. The stunning bass features a maple top, white wash swamp ash body finished in ‘Fire Red Smoked Burst’, and a fretless ebony fingerboard. The inlay on the bass is in a tree of life design, with green hear abalone, sparkle mother of pearl and dark red coral, with solid white and gold mother of pearl featuring elsewhere as well.

Not only does it look nice though, Grainger pickups with PRS/Grainger active electronics mean that it probably sounds pretty flash too. Based on a model made for Alex Al, the Grainger bass is a signature model for Gary Grainger (John Scofield, Dennis Chambers, Frank Gambali), and only 6 will be made, with the price yet to be confirmed.


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