The Digital Whammy Bar That Can Be Equipped To Any Guitar

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The Digital Whammy Bar That Can Be Equipped To Any Guitar

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Australia-based company fomofx are the masterminds behind the system, claiming that Virtual Jeff can be installed in just 30 seconds. But here’s the kicker, it can be fitted to virtually any guitar – bass and acoustic included. 


Virtual Jeff isn’t what you’d consider as a mechanical vibrato system, it’s an electronic system. The Virtual Jeff processor massages the pitch data from the whammy – you can select exactly what pitch you reach at the end of a bend, up or down. Virtual Jeff also claims to have pitch-perfect bends every time. It also has proven versatility: there are two modes, selectable with a footswitch. Each of these modes can be customised by the player, which allows you to bend to different pitches. You can hit the footswitch at any time to instantly swap modes.


The technologies in Virtual Jeff are unique and affordable – and they don’t affect your tone. As it is a digital system, string tension is not altered, resulting in no tuning issues. All mechanics and sensing are durable and high resolution by design.


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