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Aiming to create a piece of equipment that incorporates the soul of an acoustic instrument and the endless possibilities of a digital computer program, ROLI have marked the future of the keyboard.The Seaboard RISE allows the user to play the keys like a keyboard and then transform the sounds with various finger movements.


When using the instrument you are able to attain your desired sound through five different dimensions of touch. Striking, pressing, gliding, sliding and lifting your fingers on the keys will change the sound’s overall ‘shape’ and give you ultimate control over your production. The keys can be changed to emulate other instruments including strings and organs.

The instrument is already compatible with a variety of programs and synthesizers, as well as DAWs across Mac, Windows etc. The RISE is battery powered, unplugged and used over Bluetooth, making it extremely convenient for producers on the move.




ROLI have also released an iPhone app version of the controller, the Seaboard NOISE. The app turns your smart phone into a miniature version of the device, utilizing the 3D touch feature to allow users to practice the five dimension touch. Check out how it works below!


As yet, these aren’t sold throughout Australia. We’re hoping that changes soon!



For more information, head to the ROLI Website.