Teisco unveil the clever new Interface pedal

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Teisco unveil the clever new Interface pedal

The new Interface pedal from the recently revived brand essentially functions as a sound card inside of a stompbox, letting you intergrate various plugins and effects from your DAW into your signal chain. If you’re a gutiarist who tends to utilise plugins like AmpliTube, Neural DSP or even Logic’s inbuilt amp models to track guitars in the studio, this could be an incredibly useful tool for you.



The Interface pedal features two gain and level controls, as well as stereo and dual mono inputs, meaning you could even run two guitars through it simultaneously if desired. It’s also true bypass, features USB-C connectivity to connect to your laptop, and has a sample rate of 44.1kHz. We’re also praying it’s got super low-latency – if it does, this could definitely be a bit of a game changer. 


Teisco are distributed worldwide by BandLab Technologies