Tech 21 launch the Steve Harris SH1 Signature SansAmp

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Tech 21 launch the Steve Harris SH1 Signature SansAmp

Designed to act as an ultra-portable version of Harris’s touring rig with current side project British Lion – hence the cheesy graphics – the Tech 21 SH1 aims to replicate the booming sound of the Iron Maiden man’s custom buily Alectron preamp and EV-loaded Marshall cabinets. There’s two channel modes with individual gain and level controls, as well as a four-band active EQ with a cut or boost of +/- dB.



The unit also features a blend knob to control the amount of DI signal with the SH1’s wet tone, while a bite switch injects a hot dose of top-end into your tone to cut through the mix for leads and solos. The SH1 also boasts the incredible useful sample setting, which lets you flick between Harris’s personal setting as well as tones modelled on Cliff Burton, James Jamerson, Geezer Butler, Lemmy Kilmister and Phil Lynott. There’s also an inbuilt tuner and an XLR out to make front of house love your guts. 


Tech21 NYC is distributed in Australia via National Music.