TC Electronic Unleash ‘The World’s First Realistic’ Guitar Doubling Pedal

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TC Electronic Unleash ‘The World’s First Realistic’ Guitar Doubling Pedal


Promising a new standard in studio-grade guitar double tracking, the Mimiq Doubler offers players the preference of one, two or even three additional dubs, with the pedals unique ability to create various backgrounds to simulate the effect of multiple guitars.

The new creation from TC Electronic aims to recreate an effect of double tracked guitars. With miniscule delays and pitch changes that boast its impressive range from Metallica to more laid-back guitar playing, the Mimiq Doubler is a first of its kind guitar pedal.


The elegantly designed pedal has fitted simple controls for dry volume which also features stereo inputs and outputs. The tightness setting allows the pedal to be flexible to a wide range of playing, allowing you to tackle a variety of sounds. After an impressive demo from the video below, the new offering from TC electronic have captured magic like no other before.


The TC Electronic Mimiq doubler is aimed at metal heads who are sticklers for studio level tightness and others whom are searching for substance to their guitar tone. Though this sort of pedal has yet to exist, the Mimic doubler offers something completely new and exciting that roams free in its own world.


Watch below to see the Mimiq Doubler in action.


To find out more about TC Electronic visit Amber Technology