Take Control Of Studio Monitoring With The Radial MC3

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Take Control Of Studio Monitoring With The Radial MC3


Unique to the MC3 is the ability to quickly sum mono for AM radio compatibility. And while most monitor switchers are active, the MC3 is 100% passive. This means that unlike active switchers that introduce a buffered electronic circuit in between your recording system and monitors, the MC3 delivers straight wire performance. This eliminates colouration and distortion for more accurate monitoring.


The MC3 features an easy access level control that lets you quickly set playback levels on all speakers. Each output is equipped with a top-mount ‘set & forget’ dial to ne tune outputs for the ideal balance. The sub is augmented with a 180 degree polarity reverse to help deal with room modes that may cause a frequency bump in the mix position.


To address the ever-increasing popularity of ear buds, the Radial MC3 is equipped with a built-in headphone amplifier with stereo 3.5mm output along with two standard 1/4” headphone phone outs to share. The MC3 may be configured for either balanced or unbalanced setups. 


For more details, head to ambertech.com.au.