Strymon announce the Iridium amp-modelling pedal

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Strymon announce the Iridium amp-modelling pedal

Designed for those who like to skip the amp and plug straight into the PA or an interface, the Iridium offers ‘unprecedented impulse response speaker cabinet realism’ and near-authentic tube tones. The pedal emulates three classic amps – a Fender Deluxe Reverb (The Round), a Vox AC30 (The Chime) and a souped-up Marshall Plexi Super Lead 1959 (The Punch – better stay away from this one at house parties). 


Each amp model can be shaped and sculpted via the Iridium’s three-band EQ and drive knobs, with Strymon’s revered Matrix Modelling technology being put to the test to deliver incredibly faithful emulations of the classic amps. The Iridium also features three IR cabinet simulation models for each amplifier, while a Room switch lets you adjust the tonality and ambience of the room. This feature utilises a 256ms stereo impulse response courtesy of Strymon’s famous reverb tank algorithims – so you already know it’s going to be the real deal. 



Listen to how it sounds in action above. Anything with a Strymon nametag seems to garner a lot of attention, so we can see the Iridium being extremely popular within certain circles – whether it can compete with other heavy hitting amp/cab emulating pedals is yet to be determined. 


Head to Strymon’s website to find out more. Strymon pedals are distributed in Australia via Noise Toy Imports.