Universal Audio launch Apollo Twin X and Twin x4 interfaces

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Universal Audio launch Apollo Twin X and Twin x4 interfaces

Words by Will Brewster

With Thunderbolt 3 included.

To the delight of many, pro-audio dons Universal Audio have shared an initial glimpse of their new Apollo Twin X and Twin x4 desktop interfaces.

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Serving as an update to the company’s coveted Twin interface series, the Apollo Twin X features two crystal-clear mic preamps and an instrument input on the front, as well as eight extra channels via ADAT.

It’s run through Thunderbolt 3 and UAD’s Real-Time Analog Classics software bundle for a swift response and gobsmackingly good sound.

There’s also two power options to choose from – Duo or Quad – which allows for users to implement the onboard DSP to power plugins instead of your recording computer’s CPU.

An expansion of the aforementioned Apollo Twin X, the Universal Audio Apollo x4 doubles up on its smaller sibling, presenting four mic preamps / line-ins, two instrument inputs, two independent headphone outputs and a similar ADAT expandability.

It also features a similar Real-Time Analog Classics with a Quad chip option. If you’re running a production or recording rig with a bunch of UAD plugins, you’ll go bonkers for these ones.

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