Positive Grid launch the intuitive Spark amplifier

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Positive Grid launch the intuitive Spark amplifier

Designed to tie in with their new mobile app of the same name, the Positive Grid Spark lets you link up your Apple Music, Spotify or YouTube to display chord progressions in real time for the perfect all-in-one musical hub. It even lets you slow down a song’s tempo or loop a section you’re getting stuck on to make sure you nail it, and can also be controlled by your voice. However, what’s possibly most enticing about this thing is its jamming functionality, which creates an automated bass and drum track for you to let loose over. The days of constantly rewinding CDs are definitely long behind us, huh?



The Spark is also powered by Positive Grid’s celebrated BIAS engine, allowing you to access thousands of great sounding tube amps and modeled effects without worry, and also functions as a USB recording interface for when you need to jot down some ideas on the fly. In the controls department, you’ve got all the standard bass, mid and treble knobs, as well as controls for gain, level, modulation, reverb and delay, which also features a control for tap-tempo. 


If you’re overly excited about this concept, you can preorder Spark bundles from the Positive Grid website now, which offer discounted prices and goodies like carry bags and headphones. Not a bad incentive to get in early, is it? 


Positive Grid is distributed in Australia through Link Audio.