Stomp Audio Labs Unveil New Analogue Tremolo Pedal

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Stomp Audio Labs Unveil New Analogue Tremolo Pedal


Built at its Brazilian headquarters, Stomp Audio Labs has cut its teeth making prototype effects. Over the years, they have analysed, compared and mastered their craft into a small but admirable selection of effects.


The Waves stompbox is a product of their aforementioned environment. The new Waves effects pedal has an organic tone and bares the traditional characteristics of a tremolo circuit. But, with it comes a modern guitar pedal having a tap tempo, three waveforms, new hold mode, tempo subdivision and a waveform symmetry distortion unlike anything you have heard before.


Waves is fitted with five distinct control knobs and a toggle switch. The easy to use switch generates three waveforms (Sine, Triangular and Square), where the controls and switch intertwine with each other. The controls help shape and distort the waveforms, generate sawtooth, ramp and distort sine waves and can even alter the timeframe that the sound is played through.


One of the most exciting aspects of Waves is that is comes with a (not so) secret Hold mode, allowing a simple pedal bypass once stepped on that can sustain a given signal until you take your foot off to cut the effect.


Though Waves has a digital brain, everything else is very much analogue – including the audio signal path. The digital circuitry controls the tap tempo and logic, and the analogue circuitry manipulates the guitar signal to generate the tremolo effect. The sound signal is never transformed into digital and the two circuits are separated by a custom optical component. 



For more information visit Stomp Audio Labs.