Boss Set To Release New And Improved GT Effects Pedal

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Boss Set To Release New And Improved GT Effects Pedal

Boss Gt-1.jpg

Industry leaders Boss have done a really cool thing and decided to make a GT floor unit that is compact and affordable. The GT-1 has the same sound engine as the flagship GT-100 and has all of Boss’ well-known and much loved FX tech. The unit reportedly makes capturing a desired sound a piece of cake, with the inclusion of an Easy Select option that sorts patches by genre, distortion or effect type. The CTL 1 switch can be used to control tap tempo and switch effects on and off, while the expression pedal is used for volume, wah and controlling effects parameters.

One of key selling points of the GT-1 is that it was designed to be easily portable, a feature which other units in the range lack. With a USB port included, it will be easy utilise computer-based patch editing through the Boss Tone Studio and free patch items from Boss’ Tone Central site. Available next month, the GT-1 could well become a key competitor in the affordable multi-FX pedal market.


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