STL Tones releases dynamic STL Tonality Will Putney guitar plug-in suite

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STL Tones releases dynamic STL Tonality Will Putney guitar plug-in suite

Designed with Will Putney – producer for the likes of Body Count, Every Time I Die and Thy Art Is Murder –  the STL Tonality suite offers an array of amp modeling and effects solutions to reflect Putney’s own prowess as a producer, presenting his entire set-up all within one convenient downloadable package.


Featuring five meticulously models of revered metal amplifiers, the STL Tonality Suite allows for users to experience real-time simulations of Putney’s own go-to amplifiers, with the added function of being able to switch between power tube selections. There’s also five cabinet simulations to choose from, which also feature external impulse response loading capabilities. Users can choose to blend their signal between two amps and cabinets for a highly dynamic, precise tone, reflecting Putney’s own blending technique to achieve his signature amp sounds. 




The STL Tonality Will Putney plug-in suite also provides guitarists with three digital effect simulations to choose from, including delay, reverb and Putney’s personal coveted distortion pedal. There’s also a master EQ module which can be added at the end of your signal chain to add the final touches to your tracks, creating a viable all-in-one solution for the heavy guitarist. 


Visit STL Tones for more details on the Will Putney plug-in suite today.