Shure launch the MV7 Podcast microphone

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Shure launch the MV7 Podcast microphone

Words by Will Brewster

Tapping into the stay-at-home content creating craze of 2020, Shure have unveiled the MV7: their first-ever XLR/USB hybrid microphone.

Featuring USB A and C functionality as well as a typical XLR connection port, the MV7 is a fully fleshed out piece of kit to suit the needs of the savvy home consumer.

With a dynamic capsule and aesthetic that somewhat resembles the legendary SM7B, the microphone offers features such as Voice Isolation Technology and Auto Level Modes, helping to put your voice to the forefront and automatically adjust gain in real time to ensure your signal stays smooth.

The microphone also boasts an integrated touch panel to adjust gain, monitor mix, mute and headphone volume functions, with Shure’s MOTIV desktop allowing users to control presets, as well as flick between Dark, Natural and Bright tone presets.

There’s even modes to select the optimal position of the MV7, allowing for consistent mic levelling from up to 18 inches away for those who aren’t too keen on having a mic straight in their face.

Whether you’re streaming, podcasting, recording or simply flexing on your colleagues over Zoom, the Shure MV7 looks like it’ll suit the needs of content creators of all calibers.

Shure Microphones are distributed in Australia via Jands.