Radial Engineering’s ‘Regency’ – A New Type of Pedal

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Radial Engineering’s ‘Regency’ – A New Type of Pedal

Regency Main.jpg

It is comprised of two circuits, ‘pre-drive’ and ‘booster’. The former is designed as a pre-distortion overdrive, which can be set to embellish your amplifier’s top end while adding sustain and harmonics. The amount of drive is adjustable from the front panel, which also features a tone control and a three position ‘low-mid’ switch to help shape the appropriate amount of bottom end suitable to your amp.


The ‘booster’ is a very hot Class-A power booster that pushes up to +23dB of clean gain. The idea for this is to either prematurely cause smaller amps to break up or simply to add a boost for soloing. For those wanting to push their sound to the extreme, the two circuits can be selected simultaneously without fear of oversaturating your guitar signal.


For information head to ambertech.com.au.