Prince’s Purple Cloud Guitar Has Been Listed On eBay!

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Prince’s Purple Cloud Guitar Has Been Listed On eBay!


Well another suss character has appeared on eBay, claiming to have a guitar that once belonged to Prince.


The guitar is a custom purple Cloud model from Schecter’s Diamond Series and has a starting bid of $70,000.

The seller (based in the Netherlands) has provided little to no information about the guitar, however he did provide 9 photos and the following short blurb:


“[This guitar was] personally owned by Prince and used on stage in performances. Prince had a few Cloud guitars. The yellow Cloud has recently been sold for over a hunderd thousand dollars. This purple Cloud guitar went from Las Vegas to Chamonix, France, where it has been on display. After that I bought the guitar in an auction. [It will be] sold with full COA (certificate of authenticity) from Art of Music.”


Also attached to the listing is a clip of Prince playing the cloud guitar on stage, with the seller claiming that the guitar for sale is the one in the video clip. Watch it below:

If you want to take a chance on this potential piece of history, you can bid for it here.