Positive Grid announces BIAS 2 mobile app for iOS

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Positive Grid announces BIAS 2 mobile app for iOS

The new BIAS 2 Mobile app packs all the features of Positive Grid’s highly successful desktop plugin, but can now be taken with you anywhere you go using your iPad or even your iPhone to give you the same studio-quality tone crafting at your fingertips. Positive Grid has updated the user interface for the mobile devices to make it super easy to tweak the amp and speaker configurations to your heart’s content – switching out the different tubes, transformers, tone stacks and multi-mic placement on the speaker cabinets with absolute ease – and it looks superb to boot.



Just to make the setup even better, the app can interface with any and all existing Positive Grid products the user may already own – BIAS Head, Rack and Mini products – and unlock their functionality in the app simply by connecting directly to them. Additionally, if you own the desktop version already, you’ll receive a discounted price on the app as well. With Celestion speaker IR’s available as an in-app purchase and the ‘Tone Cloud’ services allowing users to share tones they’ve created, this really is an exceptional amount of functionality to be able to carry around in your pocket.


 Positive Grid are distributed in Australia through Link Audio.