Pigtronix reveals three new micro pedals

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Pigtronix reveals three new micro pedals

The Octava Micro is an all-analogue frequency doubler that builds on the octave up feature made popular by the Pigtronix Disnortion pedal. It incorporates true bypass, a master blend, low-pass filter, front-end drive, and also features switchable high-gain fuzz.

The Gatekeeper Micro boasts “100 percent attenuation with unprecedented response time” as a noise gate pedal with threshold and release time knobs. This pedal also features true bypass and promises to deliver high-speed, studio quality performance.

Lastly, the Class A Boost Micro offers 20dB of clean boost using J-FET transistors to boost instrument and line level inputs. The Class A Boost also provides a 20Hz – 20KHz frequency response, combining with the pedal’s other features to ensure you can achieve “the warmest possible tone”.

Pigtronix are distributed in Australia through Dynamic Music.


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