Phil Jones Bass Bighead Pro in stock nationwide

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Phil Jones Bass Bighead Pro in stock nationwide

As the second model in the Bighead series, the PJB HA-2 improves on the foundations set by the popular HA-1 with added technology and features. Supporting PCM playback and 384 KHz sample rate/24 bit resolution, the HA-2 provides users with incredible sound quality and high performance in the studio. 


PJB knows that convenience is the way into the hearts of consumers, and the Bighead HA-2 is reflective of this ethos, boasting a rechargeable lithium ion battery which makes it ideal for mobile practice and recording sessions. The unit also features passive and active instrument inputs with a 2-band EQ, making the HA-2 suitable for guitar and bass as well as other line instruments as well as being used as a headphone booster amp or preamp to drive powered amplifiers. 




Shipping with a soft bag, micro USB cable and a 3.5mm jack stereo signal cable, the Bighead HA-2 is available now.


Head to EGM Distribution for more details on Paul Jones Bass products in Australia.