Now Anyone Can Play Guitar Thanks To Chordelia

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Now Anyone Can Play Guitar Thanks To Chordelia


The Chordelia is an invention that presses down on the strings of the guitar in chord shapes so that you don’t have to. All the player needs to do is push a lever to play a chord. Initially I thought that this was an arrogant short cut to being able to play guitar, but I soon realised how elitist and exclusive I was being, just because I can play the guitar.

As I watched the video I started to remember how frustrated I got when I was first learning to play guitar. All I wanted to do was to play songs and chords, but my hands just wouldn’t do what I wanted them to. I can only imagine how this device would’ve alleviated this frustration and perhaps better maintained my enthusiasm for playing, which waned for a while there.


This could also be a great device for people with disabilities who want to play guitar, and so more people have access to playing music, which many of us, myself included, probably take for granted. So before you negatively judge this invention (like I did), watch the video, watch a non-musician play songs with his friends and give some thought to how this device could change lives for the better.



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