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The Warbird 

‘The Warbird’ is the 2nd generation of Chris Adler’s (Lamb of God) Mapex signature snare. This compact 12” x 5.5” Walnut/Maple snare optimises the balance between raw power, body, and possesses a mix of fury and deadly precision. This drum delivers an intense, dark punch when tuned low and an explosive pop when cranked high. This is also the first Black Panther snare to feature the SONIClear bearing edge. 

The Versatus 

‘The Versatus’ is inspired by Russ Miller’s artistic philosophy: a master drummer has full command over all styles, at all levels of expression, dynamics and tempo. ‘The Versatus’ 14” x 4.58” hybrid Mahogany/Maple snare is named for and reflects this versatility, delivering an articulate, highly controlled sound using a unique combination of a rounded 45° bearing edge with reinforcement on the batter side and a rounded non-reinforced 35° bearing edge on the snare side. Retailing at $699, this is the only Mapex snare drum that features Mahogany and is fitted with a Remo Fiberskyn 3 batter head. This is a great snare for any studio or general setting. 

The Wraith 

‘The Wraith’ has been designed as the perfect vehicle for Matt Halpern’s (Periphery) distinctive, technical, and high-definition drumming. The 14” x 6” 12mm brass shell provides the foundation for each bone- shattering rim shot: 9 ports arranged in a triangular geometry adds dryness to the overall sound, increasing response and clarity of ghost notes without compromising volume. Matched to the shell is the Black Panther 45° bearing edge, making all your quiet strokes present at even a whisper. ‘The Wraith’ is finished in a sleek Stealth Black Finish and is the only Mapex snare drum fitted with Evans Level 360 drum heads.