NAMM 2020: Sonicware detail the LIVEN 8-bit Warps synthesiser

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NAMM 2020: Sonicware detail the LIVEN 8-bit Warps synthesiser

Loaded with a packed cache of 8-bit sounds and preset waveforms, the LIVEN’s synth engine revolves around the manipulation of waveforms to create whacky, futuristic tones. Users can crossfade between waveforms or morph between them, with envelopes and FM adding in some extra tools to get weird with, while the 16 controls on the faceplate make sure you get to enjoy some hands-on knob tweaking. You can even mess about with a range of different voices, like poly, mono, unison, legato and even arpeggiator functions, while an envelope and LFO let you add in modulation for some extra character and depth.



The LIVEN also features low-pass, high-pass and band-pass filters, as well as inbuilt reverb, delay and chorus effects. Sonicware have even loaded a nifty 64 step sequencer into the LIVEN, complete with pattern chaining, parameter locks per step and room for 128 patterns, which can be recorded in step time or real time via the synth’s audio looper. There’s even an inbuilt speaker and battery functionality, making it suitable for all your portable chiptune needs.


If you’re keen to get in on the LIVEN action, Sonicware are currently crowdfunding for the synth over at Kickstarter – go make a pledge here


Sonicware is distributed in Australia via Link Audio.