NAMM 2020: Sequential unleash the mind-blowing Pro 3 synthesiser

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NAMM 2020: Sequential unleash the mind-blowing Pro 3 synthesiser

Featuring a hybrid analogue/digital construction, the Pro 3 boasts three analogue filter types based on the Prophet 6, OB-6 and Moog-style ladder filter. There’s also three oscillators – two VCOs with triangle, saw and pulse waveshaping, and one wavetable oscillator with 32 tables of 16 waves – as well as a 16-track sequencer and four CV ins and outs to hook up with modular synths. There’s also a Drive control to beef up all three filters for some extra grit when it’s needed, with the ladder filter also featuring an optional resonance compensation feature to preserve the low-end.


Sequential have also graced the Pro 3 with a multimode arpeggiator, four loopable ADSR+delay envelopes, three LFOs and a whole heap of modulation possibilities, all of which can be synchronised to an internal or external MIDI clock. There’s also tuned feedback, analogue distortion and dual digital effects, including delay, reverb and other time-based effects, while a position-sensitive touch slider and pitch and modulation wheels allow for detailed control over live performance. 



What’s more, the Sequential Pro 3 can even handle three-voice paraphonic operation when all oscillators share a common filter and envelope, letting you play three-note chords for a whopping fat sound. When chained in unison with other modular gear via the CV inputs and outputs, you’re looking at one very powerful synthesiser.


In a statement accompanying today’s announcement, Sequential founder and synth legend Dave Smith said that “In many ways the Pro 3 is the evolution of a concept that started with the classic Sequential Circuits Pro-One: pack as much power as possible into a compact footprint and make it sound awesome. To do that, we built on the strengths of its modern-day counterpart, the Pro 2, and created a worthy successor to both that sets a new benchmark for raw power and versatility.”




In addition to the standard version, Sequential are also offering the Pro 3 in a limited edition SE model, which boasts a walnut trim and a tilt-up control panel. 


Head to Audio Chocolate to find out more about getting Sequential synths in Australia.