NAMM 2020: PRS detail new John Mayer Silver Sky models

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NAMM 2020: PRS detail new John Mayer Silver Sky models

Although these new models retain the same appointments as their controversial (yet low-key incredible) predecessors, the addition of a maple fretboard will make a lot of people happy – there’s just something about a maple fretboard on a Strat-type guitar. There’s also a bunch of awesome new finishes, including Dodgem Blue, Midnight Rose, Golden Mesa, Moc Sand, Orion Green and Polar Blue. Mayer’s known for being a bit of a Pantone nerd, so it’s really no surprise that all these new colours look great. 


PRS have also launched the tantalising, 500-piece limited edition Silver Sky Nebula, which features an polychromatic iridescent finish which is designed to reflect light and hue differently at different angles (like we said, Mayer’s a colour nerd). Check it out below.



In a statement released today, Mayer celebrated the new appointments, saying “I’m so excited for this next step in the evolution of the Silver Sky. With new body colors, a maple neck variant and a special limited-edition colorway, the spirit of this guitar feels stronger than ever.”


PRS Guitars are distributed in Australia via Electric Factory.