NAMM 2019: Mooer announces flagship GE300 multi-effects unit

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NAMM 2019: Mooer announces flagship GE300 multi-effects unit

The GE300 marks the latest expansion to Mooer’s extensive series of multi-effects processors for guitarists. The final prototype packs in a host of features including 108 digital amp models based on Mooer’s non-linear amp modelling tech, 164 high quality effects, and 43 optional factory cab sims.


The unit offers a full-featured IR loader, boasting the incredible ability to host impulse responses of up to 2048 sampling points each. Also incorporated into the GE300 is a tri-voice polyphonic synthesis module dubbed Synth Engine.


Users can enjoy an impressive array of functions in the all-new GE300, with other notable features including ten customisable footswitch controls, programmable stereo effects loop, 30-minute looper station, external device switching, direct USB audio and more.


Keep an eye on Mixdown for our coverage of NAMM 2019 from Friday January 25 to Monday January 28 (AEDT). Mooer is distributed in Australia by Jade Australia.


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