Fender donates 300 guitars to disadvantaged schools around Australia

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Fender donates 300 guitars to disadvantaged schools around Australia

The guitar giants donated the guitars to the national ‘Don’t Stop the Music’ campaign, which aims to promoted the transformative effects of music in the classroom. The campaign will distribute the 300 acoustics to primary schools in underprivileged areas throughout Australia.


You may recognise ‘Don’t Stop the Music’, a joint venture between Musica Viva, the Salvation Army and the ABC, from its recent series on ABC starring Guy Sebastian.



“When I saw ‘Don’t Stop the Music’ on TV, I instantly knew it was something Fender needed to be a part of,” said Fender Music Australia’s General Manager, Mark Amory. “The best way to help out was to get a bunch of instruments in the kids’ hands and encourage them to make music and enjoy themselves.”


The initiative is a crucial step in ensuring students, parents and teachers are able to experience the undeniable benefits of music and the positive impact it can have in all corners of life.


“With the help of generous donations such as this from Fender, Don’t Stop the Music and Musica Viva aim to make a real difference to children’s lives,” said Musica Viva’s Director of Education, Colette Vella. “Fender’s donation was an outstanding result for Don’t Stop the Music, which has now gathered over 4,000 instruments for Australian schools.”


To find out more about Don’t Stop the Music and to donate, visit musicaviva.com.au/dontstopthemusic. For more information on Fender products, see Fender Music Australia.