Musical Threads

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Musical Threads


Creators of the incredible t-shirt line are textile designer Selina Reiterer and architect Constantinos Miltiadis. Aiming to encourage children to explore their musical interest, the duo has invented the ultimate wearable musical instrument.




Each design represents a specific instrument (guitar, bass, drums etc) and when played together, form a classic rock ensemble. The shirts each have their own distinct pattern which are based on the attributes of the instrument is represents. 




The clothing’s sound is produced through the electrically conductive paint pattern. A microcontroller is attached in a removable pocket to the back of each shirt and is connected to the printed pattern. As the wearer touches the shapes, a signal is produced and then sent to a mobile application via Bluetooth which plays the sound in real-time.


So what’s the downfall? The project is just for kids – so far. While there has been no news of an adult version as of yet, we will keep you posted.



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