Morley debut three new wah-wah pedals

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Morley debut three new wah-wah pedals

In true Morley fashion, all three new units feature switchless activation technology and optical circuitry for ease of operation and maintenance. All units also include an inbuilt buffer to prevent volume loss and restore any tone sucked out from your signal chain, as well as a handy shrunken footprint to squeeze easily onto your pedalboard. 


The new 20/20 effects include the 20/20 Bad Horsie – which is pretty much identical to the Bad Horsie II, used by the likes of Steve Vai and more for its wide, gnarly filter sweep. The 20/20 Power Wah and 20/20 Power Wah Volume, on the other hand, present a fat 20dB wah boost to really cut through the mix, while the latter also functions as a volume pedal. All units include built-in LED indicators, silent switching and the extremely thoughtful addition of glow-in-the-dark enclosures – just what we needed!



Head to Innovative Music to find out more about getting Morley effects in Australia.