Moog launches Moog One polyphonic analogue synthesiser

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Moog launches Moog One polyphonic analogue synthesiser

Moog One offers unprecedented levels of sonic potential, a feature made clear in the company’s description of the synth as Moog’s “most innovative instrument to date.” It’s a tri-timbral, polyphonic analogue synthesiser with a topology based on new Moog technology.


Users can choose from either eight or 16-voice configurations, with each voice circuit boasting a signal path more powerful than a Minimoog Voyager. Other features include two independent analogue filters, a dual source analogue noise generate, four LFOs and three envelope generators.


This soon-to-be flagship synthesiser also features an onboard effects library, offering a selection of professional reverbs from Eventide.



Moog has pulled out all the stops for the launch of the Moog One, releasing an introductory film in the style of the original 1976 demo video for Moog’s first polyphonic synthesiser, the Polymoog. The film includes appearances from Jeff Bhasker, Suzanne Ciani, Mike Dean, Mark Ronson and more.


Moog is distributed in Australia via Innovative Music.