Boss unveils Waza Craft versions of two cult favourites

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Boss unveils Waza Craft versions of two cult favourites

Named after the Japanese term meaning ‘art and technique’, the branch of BOSS that bears the Waza Craft name was established back in 2014 in order to release re-imagined classics that embody the highest levels of care and attention in this premium range of products. Each Waza Craft pedal has a switch allowing you to swap between the circuitry of the original pedal and a new and updated circuit.


The lateset addition to the family is the popular Dimension C, which had been discontinued since 1989. Featuring the same four-button presets, but with added LED status indicators and more reliable electronic switching, the new DC-2w additionally allows users to switch between the circuitry of the DC-2 and that of the vintage Roland SDD-320 Dimension D that the original pedal was based upon.



Alongside this cult classic is the more guitar-focused MT-2w, a new and improved version of one of the most contentious pedals on the market – the infamous BOSS Metal Zone. It’s hated by some for its ubiquitous mid-focused tone, but has been used to great effect by others, including Simon Neil of Biffy Clyro, whose huge Strat-driven tone is largely produced by the Metal Zone. 



The all-new pedal allows users to switch to a newly updated circuit with increased dynamics, and a rounder more versatile lower-mid sound suited to modern high-gain tones. Additionally, BOSS has added a more refined three-band EQ and 15dB boost/cut on each band.


BOSS products, including Waza Craft, are available in Australia through BOSS Australia.