Moog is giving away a trio of vintage synthesisers

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Moog is giving away a trio of vintage synthesisers

The three vintage synthesisers have been cosmetically and functionally restored. Aussie and international entrants are welcome, although you will have to finance some of the shipping costs if you do end up being the lucky winner. All funds raised from the raffle go towards the building of the slated ‘Moogseum’ in downtown Ashville, North Carolina as well as the Foundation’s education project Dr Bob’s Soundschool which aims to teach sound science with technology to kids. 



First prize for a reason, the Memorymoog is a collossal polyphonic synthesiser with six voices for each of its three oscillators. The Memorymoog is often referred to structurally as six Minimoogs, with a power that would make any analogue synth-head drool. Serviced by vintage synth specialist Wes Taggart, and singularly retrofitted with MIDI and a sequencer, it truly is a one-of-a-kind instrument.




The Source, a future inspiration for the Moog Grandmother, is a funky 37-key, two oscillator synthesiser with a distinct monophonic Moog sound favoured by Tangerine Dream, Jan Hammer, Depeche Mode, Devo, and Vince Clarke. The patch memory storage, odd flat-panel membrane buttons, and single data wheel assignment make it one of the more iconic synthesisers in the brand’s canon. 




The elegantly minimal Rogue is perhaps the most modern of the three synthesisers. The two-oscillator, monophonic synth has no MIDI, arpeggiator or sequencer, but its front panel is simple and and contains a famously huge bass sound. Known lovers of the Rogue include Will Butler of Arcade Fire, Vince Clarke, Peter Gabriel, Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead and Howard Jones.



Raffle tickets for The 2018 Moog Trifecta can be purchased here. Tickets are on sale until Monday September 24 2018, or until all 5500 tickets sell out.