Maroon 5 to sell more than 100 pieces of music gear

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Maroon 5 to sell more than 100 pieces of music gear

L.A’s Techno Empire will sell the gear via on Thursday August 30. The sale is set to feature the dizzying guitar set of a 2003 Fender ’72 Reissue Telecaster Thinline, late 90’s Guild Bluesbird, a 2005 Fender Custom Shop Yuriy Shishkov Telecaster (No. 43 of 50 made) and several Floyd Rose guitars, all used by Adam Levine and guitarist James Valentine.



This is the first time the band has ever sold any gear on this scale, and the collection includes gear used when the band were just teenagers playing in Maroon 5’s predecessor, Kara’s Flowers.


“We’re in a new phase and we need to clear out what we’re not using anymore to make room for the equipment that will help us create what comes next,” keyboardist and rhythm guitarist Jesse Carmichael said in a press release. 


“I hope that it goes to an up-and-coming band or musicians who can make it part of their own story.”

The inescapable pop fandom of Maroon 5 may make the marketplace a tad competitive on Thursday, but the span of the collection means there is something for everyone. Some of the more unique highlights include the Akai MPC4000 drum machine used while recording in Rick Rubin’s infamous Laurel Canyon studio mansion, an Open Labs Miko keyboard (which Carmichaels suspects still contains Maroon 5 samples) and a Jim Beam branded Gibson Les Paul received while the band toured Songs About Jane. You can flick through a preview of the entire collection here.


The shop goes live on Thursday August 30 at Techno Empire’s Reverb shop.