EarthQuaker Devices releases Aqueduct vibrato pedal

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EarthQuaker Devices releases Aqueduct vibrato pedal

Aqueduct offers pitch vibrato with eight modulation modes, granting the user a diverse sonic palette that spans the pitch-warping spectrum. The eight modes on offer are Sine, Triangle, Ramp, Square, Random, Env D, Env R, and Env P.


Users can expect everything from smooth and subtle waveforms in Sine mode right through to an assortment of greasy pitch bends from Random mode, the “drunken master of modulation.”



The pedal features Flexi-Switch technology, allowing both momentary and latching style switching to be used simultaneously. Aqueduct also presents a simplified design, with three controls for Rate, Depth, and Mode.


For more details on the range of EarthQuaker pedals, head to, or