Meet The Music Playing Pillow That Tracks Your Sleep

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Meet The Music Playing Pillow That Tracks Your Sleep

zeeq pillow.jpg

Boasting the title of the world’s most sophisticated pillow, ZEEQ is no ordinary bed decorator. It is an active participant in your sleep. The smart pillow can play music to help you nod off, monitor and react to your snoring and analyse your sleep to intelligently wake you up.


Instead of having to sleep with headphones on, ZEEQ users can fall asleep with music playing through the pillow that they can only hear. The library of songs comes from your favourite music sources including Apple, Spotify and Android Music. The creators of ZEEQ have even created some relaxing tracks to help you fall asleep faster.


The next best thing about ZEEQ is its ability to monitor your sleep and help you refrain from snoring. If the pillow hears you snoring, it gently vibrates and encourages a new position. In addition, your natural sleep movements are recorded and used to wake you up at the most ideal moment of your sleep cycle.




But is it comfortable? Well, according to the creators of ZEEQ, the pillow integrates softness, support and premium materials.


The ZEEQ smartphone app allows you to see your sleep data, including your ‘Snore Score’ and your sleep-cycle. The app can also track your diet, exercise and other habits to analyse how they may effect your sleep and help you move towards a more restful slumber.


With more than $280,000US already pledged through their Kickstarter campaign, it’s clear that the founders of the most tech savvy pillow to reach the market are onto a winner.



For more information, visit the ZEEQ Kickstarter campaign. The ZEEQ pillow is due out early next year.